Tuesday, June 28, 2011

How to Help This Week!

Hi all,
Marlene, who we helped with her garden this weekend after her husband went into a nursing home, wanted to "send a big thank you!" to everyone who helped: Jill and Nick T., Krista and Russ H. and their two sons Alden and Ezra worked on Saturday and Catherine worked on Sunday. They weeded, planted starts (some of which were pepper plants donated by a local flood victim who we have been helping, Laura H.!) and made the garden beautiful for her during this hard time in her life.
If anyone wants to join Catherine and Penny to work in Marlene's garden throughout the summer, let me know (Marlene would love the help, and the company!)

And thank you to Angie for working in Barb's yard! She is so grateful that she has found helpful friends through Imagine Missoula, she hasn't had this kind of community in almost 17 years!

Here's what we have this week:

Lillian (a lovely elderly lady with an impressive teapot collection!) needs her yard mowed regularly and has no mower. If you can bring yours to her place, perfect! If you want to help but need me to help you work out how to get a mower there, let me know.

needs someone to lay new plywood on her mother's wheelchair ramp.

Jeanine is a woman living with physical and mental disabilities who needs a couple folks to build a small fence for her dog (so he doesn't run into the road!) She also needs yard work, and she would love some window boxes to help her feel the beauty of Summer.

Next Wednesday, July 6th, the weather has finally said YES! and we are going to be staining the fence with the Superheroes of Kindness for Sharon at 5:30! Feel free to wear a cape (if you don't have one, one will be provided!)

And finally,

Thank you to Tara I. for volunteering (with her friend) to staff the table at Farmer's Market on Saturday, July 9th for the Receding Waters Blend Coffee Fundraiser! The proceeds from the sale of the coffee go to assist the local Missoula flood victims. City Brew Coffee, Untied Way of Missoula County and Imagine Missoula are working hard together to get them some relief! Here's where we need YOU: We need two more volunteers to staff the Carousel Sunday Market on the 10th from 10-3 (Missoula Marathon day! We should sell a boatload of coffee!!!) If you haven't heard, you can pre-order the bags of coffee on the Receding Waters page on fb. This is SO COOL!

I can't tell you how many amazed folks are that we do what we do. "Why would you help me?" is a common question I hear, and, "I have never had so many caring people in my life." Let's keep amazing our neighbors, right here in Missoula, by doing the little things - selling bags of coffee, mowing a yard, planting a flower - that make the biggest difference in how people live in our beautiful town.

Thank you,

Nina Alviar
Outreach Coordinator for IMAGINE MISSOULA