Monday, May 9, 2011

Weekly update

Hey folks!

I have a couple of new folks for you to meet this week, and one lady you have already met. Last week, we helped a lady move into her new apartment, we found rides for an elderly woman who needed to get to the store for food, and we are working on small projects around the homes of a couple of folks who have not had this kind of loving support in years! We are truly making a difference in our city. Let's keep it going!

This week:

Jaylene is getting ready for her move this weekend. We still need 4-6 volunteers to help her get some of her things into storage and some to her hotel room (she is going into transitional housing to avoid homelessness with her four children.) Her partner can help, we are getting the U-Haul, and we just need some folks to move the stuff. If Saturday doesn't work for you, we might be able to pull it off on Thursday. Let me know asap, please!

Rhonda lives with clinical depression. She has been immobilized by the illness, and her home has fallen into disarray. She needs us to come an tidy it, throw away trash, and to pick up and deliver beds for her two children (who she is waiting to have returned to the home when it is cleaned and ready.) Help us make a home for her family so that she can live a better life and continue her treatment . 6-8 volunteers, about three hours.

Sharon is an elderly lady who needs concrete work done around her home. I need someone who knows how to assess the work to come with me and check it out, so we can see how we can help her. Know someone who can join me?

If you have a friend (or more!) who would like to join you on one of these jobs, invite them along! The more we spread the word about Imagine Missoula to our friends and neighbors, the more volunteers we will have to meet these needs for these wonderful folks. If they (or you!) have any questions about Imagine Missoula, or if you can help a person listed above, call me 406-546-4697. Thank you for all you do!

Can't wait to hear from you!
Have a great week!