Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Talents to Share

Q: What's the catch when you receive help from Imagine Missoula? (Well, besides the fact that there is no catch!) A: We invite you to help someone else!

We believe that it is tremendously empowering for folks in need to have the opportunity to give as well as to receive. And the organic, relational nature of Imagine Missoula means that just about anyone can be a volunteer. This is the spot to find talents that these folks want to give back. If you want to get in touch with anyone on this list, call Nina at 546-4697.
  • Need your pants hemmed? Brenda can sew for you!
  • Art projects and jewelery making are Renee's passions. Need a logo designed?
  • Shawn has tons of experience with non- profits and can hook you up to read newspapers on the radio for folks who cannot read.
  • Terry loves to teach folks how to use the internet (like your Grandpa!)
  • Barb can compose and type a letter for you. Let her put your thoughts into the words you long to say.