Monday, May 16, 2011

Mowing and more at Imagine Missoula this week!

Hey friends!
A big thank you to Scott N., Kelly H., Nick T., Micah and Sarah for moving Jaylene and her family next week! Many hands make short work, and she is so grateful!!
Here are some new folks to meet this week - who we can help as Missoula neighbors helping neighbors:

Brenda is an elderly lady who needs her lawn mowed every three to four weeks. Simple, eh?

Joan is also and elderly lady who needs her lawn mowed - and she needs the mower taken to be repaired. She threw in a sweet deal - the person who mows can keep the lawn mower for the summer! She also needs her front door handle fixed, she can't open it, and she has to use the back door to get in/out.

Barb is a lady who Wes has been helping with various jobs around her house while she lives an isolated life as a caretaker for her elderly mother. Scott aerated her lawn as well. She needs someone to sand and treat her railing so that Wes can fix the wheelchair ramp. Really quick and easy - we can rent a sander if you don't have one!

Sharon is an elderly lady who needs concrete work done behind her house - the water runs from her back door into the garage! After Greg inspected it with me, we figured a french drain and putting a different slope on the concrete would do the trick. We need someone skilled for this one! If you or someone you know can lend their expertise, let me know!

Here's an off-chance need, but why not ask? Anyone know how to install parts into and inspect a hot tub? Victoria uses hers for physical therapy after surgery on her central nervous system and she has a broken heater and light. Let me know . . .

You are all doing wonderful work! People from agencies like Missoula Aging Services and Winds of Change are singing our praises, and of course, so are the folks we are helping. Our reputation for friendly, efficient and timely care for our neighbors in need is spreading like wildfire! We are making friends who are calling us again and again because they know they can rely on us for help, and they are offering their time and talents to help others. We are changing lives, one person at a time.

Call me if you can help with the jobs for this week, 546-4697 - and come out Thursday to the Central at 6:30 to grab a beer with me!
Peace to you,