Tuesday, May 24, 2011

IM and the Superheroes in the Missoulian!

Check out this article from the Missoulian this morning!! A big thank you to Kristal Burns for inviting Imagine Missoula to join forces with the superheroes!

We are going to be joining forces with the SHOK at 4 in the afternoon on June 1st or 7th to paint Sharon's fence. Whichever gets more volunteers will be the day. Let me know as soon as possible which day works better for you to show Sharon your superpowers! I promise you can wear whatever you want :)

And one more thing - SHEC is coordinating volunteers for us to move a lady this Saturday (the pack and move is too big for Imagine Missoula), and our only job is to get boxes to her house in the Rattlesnake by then. Can anyone help me gather them and get them there?

Let's continue to be an example of kindness,