Monday, May 23, 2011

How to Help This Week!

Hey friends!

First of all - a big thank you to Liz and Fabian for mowing Joan's yard, and to Jeremiah for mowing Brenda's and working on her mower! We need a couple more folks to join the Mowing Team, because two other ladies need mowing as well. Let me know if you can get into the rotation - and if you have a vehicle to transport mowers to the ladies homes who do not have them.

Thank you to Wes and Scott for delivering the lift chair to Shawn, organizing his furniture and - get this! - Scott took the extra time to get Shawn's computer up and running so he can be in contact with his family. Above and beyond!

Thank you to Ryan for fixing Earl's leaky pipe and replacing Joan's doorknob! She can use her front door for the first time in years!

And thank you to Rebekah for sanding Barb's railing! Now we can repair the wheelchair ramp!

Now on to the new needs for the week - find one or two that grab you, call me for details (546-4697) and jump on in!

Jeannine's brother, who is disabled, is on his way home from the hospital, and she is trying to make his home nicer. She needs help getting a hide a bed out and hauled off to the dump this week (before he get's back - she wants to get him a new couch!)

Janene needs someone who knows about cars to check out her car and let her know what kind of repairs it needs - and fix it if they can.

Sharon needs her side of the fence painted! We are going to do this with the Super Heroes of Kindness! Check out the link when you get a chance - I will send out a couple of dates/times to choose from tomorrow! After the new article about IM and the SHOK comes out that is!

Meeting these folks every week, hearing their stories - both of the needs they have and of their lives - and sharing a hug or a laugh is the most precious part of my job. Having caring, hard- working volunteers meet their needs is one of the most precious moments of their lives. You, volunteers, are peace in action in the lives of those who need peace. Thank you for all you do!