Monday, April 18, 2011

Folks we can serve this week

Hi everyone!
This past week, we built a fence for Charlie, we raked Dorothy's yard, and we cleaned the Clark Fork with our friends. You are amazing, and the people you help are so grateful!
Here are some of the folks I met last week, allow me to introduce you:

Shawn is a physically and mentally disabled man who needs us to pick up a "lift chair" for him from the Salvation Army and deliver it to his apartment. He also needs us to arrange his furniture for him and help him unpack.

Barb has been a caretaker for her aging parents for 17 years. She needs us to rake and aerate her lawn so that the lawn care folks can treat it. If we can, she would love to have a garden space raked and weeded so that she can have a peaceful break in her life by tending it.

Wyona is a sweet elderly lady who wants us to help her plant strawberries and do some other work for her in her beloved gardens.

Penny is a friend of ours who needs us to clean up her yard by picking up pieces of broken windows and taking them to the dump. The windows have been replaced.

Call Nina for more information about how to help these folks - 546-4697.

It's awesome to see the work in progress on other needs from last week. This week, for example, we are widening a door so our 100 year old friend (!) can get into her bathroom in her wheelchair. We are truly changing lives by empowering and befriending our neighbors in our town. Thank you for all you do!