Friday, March 11, 2011

We Need Movers!

Hey folks - one of the frequent "requests for help" we get here at Imagine Missoula are requests from single parents who need assistance moving. In order to get better at people helping in this way, we'd like to actually start building a "pool" of potential volunteers.

1. If you'd be willing to POTENTIALLY help someone move, would you send Christian Cryder a message (529-5568 ~ and let me know? We'll add you to the pool of potential helpers to contact directly when these kind of needs come up.

2. More specifically, we've got a single mom in need right now - the trailer she's renting has been condemned. The YWCA is helping her move into temporary living space, but she needs help getting her stuff moved into storage. We need 4-6 people a total of 3-4 hours to pull it off. We'd like to aim for next Saturday, March 19th.

If you'd be willing to help with this SPECIFIC need, would you contact Zach Bruce @ 360-4624?