Thursday, September 2, 2010

Under Construction

Hey folks! Welcome to all of you who are wending your way here from the All Souls Ale site (or All Souls Missoula). As you can probably tell, this site is undergoing a lot of work right now - most of the content should be up by next week sometime. Until then, we appreciate your patience while we work.

Some of you who are wondering "What the heck is Imagine Missoula, anyway?" - here's the very short answer. Imagine Missoula is a grassroots non-profit aimed at 3 specific areas:
  1. mercy (helping people more beautifully),
  2. beauty (taking care of this place we live),
  3. the arts (which teach us to envision and value beauty, for both people and place)
Our goal as an organization is not to accomplish one big thing - rather, it's to foster community by tackling many small things together. In short, we want to create a network of people to help us identify needs and meet needs - typically for less than $250, with plenty of volunteer manpower.

In other words, we're looking for little things that don't cost much besides good will and elbow grease. Because we think that solving these kinds of problems, together, will actually make Missoula a much better place.

If you'd like us to keep you in the loop on this thing, please send me an email and we'll add you to the mailing list as soon as the website is up!


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